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When you choose the Microsoft Outlook program from the Start menu or a shortcut icon, but Outlook does not open, the correct solution is dependent on what you're experiencing and the version of Microsoft Outlook you're using.

  • Reasons for Outlook Not Opening

The outlook may open incorrectly or not at all due to a variety of issues. Problematic add-ins are one of the most common culprits.

  • Files have been damaged.
  • A tainted profile.
  • Problems with the navigation pane.

How to Resolve Outlook Not Opening Issues in Windows?

If you use Outlook on a Windows computer and it won't open or open with errors, try the troubleshooting steps presented here in the order presented, from simple to more complicated.

If you use Microsoft 365 on a PC or a Mac, the automated Support and Recovery Assistant tool can diagnose and resolve a variety of issues, including Microsoft Outlook not starting.

In Safe Mode, launch Outlook. If Outlook extends generally in Safe Mode, the problem is considered likely caused by an add-in or toolbar extension.

Disable any add-ons. One or more add-ins may be incompatible with Outlook and cause the issue.

  • Disable all add-ins and see if that resolves the problem.

    • Navigate to File > Options > Add-ins.
    • Select Go in the Manage section.
    • Remove the checkmarks from the checkboxes next to the add-ins you want to disable.
    • Choose OK.
  • Outlook should be repaired. The Outlook application could be harmed. To repair it, use the built-in Microsoft Office repair utility.

    • Close all Office programs.
    • Navigate to Start > Control Panel.
    • Choose Category View.
    • Select Uninstall a Program in the Programs area.
    • Change can be accessed by right-clicking Microsoft Office.

Choose either Online Repair or Repair. If a user account control prompt occurs, choose Yes.

After the process is finished, restart Outlook.

You should repair your Outlook profile. Outlook profiles can become corrupted, resulting in a variety of issues, including Outlook, not opening.

  • Account Settings can be accessed by going to File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Navigate to the Email tab.
  • Select Repair to launch the Repair wizard
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the wizard and restart Outlook.

  • Outlook data files must be repaired. If Outlook still does not open, use the Inbox Repair tool to identify and possibly resolve the issue.

    • Exit Strategy.
    • Download and run Microsoft's Inbox Repair tool.
    • Select Browse, then navigate to your personal folders (.pst) file, and then press the Start button.
    • If the scan reveals any errors, select Repair.
    • Restart Outlook once the repair is finished.

The navigation pane should be reset. The outlook may not open properly if there is a problem with the navigation pane during startup. Resetting the navigation pane may help to resolve the problem.

  • Exit Strategy.
  • Go to Start > Run, or press the Windows Key+R combination.
  • Select OK after typing or pasting outlook.exe /resetnavpane.
  • Launch Outlook. The navigation pane will be re-created.
  • Office Desktop Version vs. Microsoft 365

How to Resolve Outlook Not Opening on a Mac?

The troubleshooting techniques listed below are applicable to Outlook 2016 for Mac and Outlook 2011 for Mac.

Check back for updates. A recent update may have included a fix for the problem of Outlook not starting. Even if you can't open Outlook, check for and install any available updates.

  • Review for Updates by moving to Help > Check for Updates.
  • Select Update to download and install any updates that are available.

Rebuild Outlook's database. Using the Microsoft utility to reconstruct a befouled database may resolve the Outlook not opening on a Mac issue.

  • Close all Office programs.

  • To open the Microsoft Database Utility, press the Option key and select the Outlook icon in the Dock.

  • Choose the database whose identity you want to rebuild.

  • Select Rebuild.

Restart Outlook once the process is finished.

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