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What is Amazon RDS?

Amazon Relational Database Service is a managed SQL database consultancy provided by Amazon Web Services. Amazon RDS holds an array of database engines to store and retrieve data. It also helps with relational database management tasks, such as data migration, backup, and patching.

Amazon RDS facilitates the deployment and support of relational databases in the cloud. A cloud administrator uses Amazon RDS to build-up, operate, manage and scale a relational instance of a cloud database. Amazon RDS is not a database, it is a service used to manage relational databases.

How does Amazon RDS work?

Databases are used to keep data that applications can draw on to help them perform different functions. A relational database uses tables to keep data. It is called relational because it manages data points with.

Amazon provides several instance kinds with multiple combinations of resources, such as CPU, memory, storage options and networking capacity. Each type comes in a variety of sizes to suit the resources of different workloads. RDS users can use AWS identity to define and set permissions for who can access an RDS database.

What are the important features of Amazon RDS?

  • Uses replication features
  • Different types of storage
  • Monitoring
  • Patching
  • Backups
  • Incremental billing
  • Encryption

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon RDS?

Benefits are:

  • Ease of use
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Reducing the workload on that one instance
  • RDS splits up compute and storage

Drawbacks are:

  • Lack of root access

  • Downtime

What are Amazon RDS database instances?

A database administrator can build, configure, manage and delete an Amazon RDS instance, along with the resources it uses. An Amazon RDS instance is a cloud database ecosystem. The individuals can also spin up many databases depending on the database used.

What are Amazon RDS database engines?

  • Amazon aurora
  • RDS for mariaDB
  • RDS for MySQL
  • RDS for oracle database
  • RDS for PostgreSQL
  • RDS for SQL server

What are the Amazon RDS use cases?

  • Online retailing
  • Mobile and online gaming
  • Travel application
  • Streaming application
  • Finance application

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