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Explain About Tiny PHP File Manager

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What is a Tiny File Manager?

Tiny File Manager is a web-based file director and it is an easy, secure, and small file manager with a private file, a multi-language available web application for collecting, uploading, styling, and managing records and folders online via a web browser. The App runs on PHP 5.5+, It supports the production of multiple users and each user can have its own directory and build-in guide for managing text files with cloud9 IDE and it helps syntax highlighting for over 150+ languages and over 35+ themes.

How to use Tiny PHP file manager?

  • Download ZIP with the updated version from the master branch.
  • Copy tinyfilemanager.php to your website file and start it with a web browser.
  • Default username/password: admin/admin. The identification has been encrypted with MD5.
  • Information: Please set your personal username and password in $auth_users ere used.
  • To enable/disable identification set $use_auth to true or false.

What are the features of the Tiny PHP file manager?

  • Open Source, information and very simple
  • Basic peculiarities like to Create, Delete, Modify, View, Download, Copy and Moving files.
  • Capability to upload various files.
  • Facility to generate folders and files.
  • Facility to concentrate, extract files.
  • Help user permissions - based on session.
  • Copy straight file URL
  • Edit text file forms using an advanced editor with language highlight
  • Backup files
  • Advanced Seach

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