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In this blog, we will look at how to enable remote access to a MySQL database on an Ubuntu machine.

  • In the MySQL Configuration file, allow connections from clients other than localhost.

In the configuration file, allow MySQL connections from other clients. The MySQL configuration file will be located in the /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d directory and will be named mysqld.cnf. MySQL is configured by default to accept connections only from localhost, i.e.; we must change this to to allow connections from other clients.


bind-address =


bind-address =
  • In the Ubuntu Machine's firewall, whitelist the client’s IP address.

The Ubuntu machine includes the Ubuntu Firewall, which by default does not permit incoming connections to MySQL port 3306. As a result, we must open the port for the client's specific IP address or, if your client does not have a fixed IP address, for all IP addresses.

Assume your client has the IP address The following line on your terminal will enable incoming connections to port 3306 from a client with the IP address

ufw allow any port 3306 from

If your client does not have a fixed IP address or if you need to allow all IP addresses (not recommended as anyone can attempt to connect to 3306),

ufw allow 3306

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